Patrick Steen - Partner - Digital and Audience Engagement

Patrick Steen specialises in digital advocacy and mobilising powerful supporter movements to make real-world change happen.

With more than 12 years experience building digital communities, Patrick has a passion for harnessing the voices of many to change the opinions and policies of companies, regulators and governments.

At Which?, the UK’s consumer champion, Patrick set up its online consumer community and called on its support to launch national campaigns. He built a digital innovation team that grew one of the largest supporter bases in the UK, and pioneered data-led engagement tools that have been incredibly influential in the charity industry.

Whether in mobilising half a million people to change the law on nuisance calls, or collecting evidence of the £millions lost to bank scams, the consumer actions Patrick has led have resulted in high-profile media coverage and tangible policy outcomes.

Patrick led the modernisation of Which?’s social media in his last two years at the brand, recruiting a new specialist team and inspiring a radical improvement in creative content. This saw yearly engagements grow from 260k to 2m, and brought the brand’s campaigns to newer and younger audiences.

Patrick also took his expertise to the other side of the world, influencing the consumer movement in Australia. His advice kick-started a dramatic transformation in how the country’s consumer association, CHOICE, carries out digital advocacy.

Patrick holds a first-class degree in Philosophy, awarded by the University of Nottingham and University of Melbourne.