Thoughtful and considered advice

We offer a range of services for companies, NGOs, social enterprises and foundations. We also work with political candidates. Find out more about our competitive campaigns services.


Purpose Narratives

Stakeholders increasingly expect companies to authentically demonstrate social value as well as financial value.

We use insights from polling, social listening, workshops and internal and external stakeholder interviews to help you develop an organisational narrative that defines your social purpose. We then ensure that your employees build an emotional connection to what you stand for. Our offering in this area includes:

  • Reputation polling and focus groups

  • Narrative development

  • Employee purpose workshops



We use data to inform focused, high profile and distinctive campaigns around specific social challenges. Our approach ensures that the campaigns are coherent, authentic and generate a positive impact. We clearly define success at the outset and use metrics to regularly monitor progress. We can work with you on:

  • Polling and focus group analysis

  • Campaign planning and message development

  • Formal coalition building and stakeholder management

  • Traditional media strategy

  • Social media strategy

  • Thought leadership and opinion pieces

  • Video content creation


Executive Advocacy

Authenticity matters. Speaking with purpose and clarity builds trust with audiences and helps you to win the arguments that matter to your campaigns.

We help your leaders and spokespeople to become more persuasive speakers during critical reputation-determining events such as panels, public debates, keynote speeches, town halls, media interviews and AGMs. Our experience as world-leading debate strategists and media coaches will help you communicate your narrative as a purposeful company.

Our offering in this area includes:

  • Presentation and panel performance

  • Speechwriting

  • Media coaching

  • Speaking platform strategy

  • Digital advocacy


Taking a Stand


Neutrality is no longer perceived as being neutral. Organisations are increasingly expected to take a public position on major social issues affecting the societies in which they operate. Whether it relates to gender or ethnic diversity, single-use plastics, LGBT rights, gun control, climate change, or immigration, companies and business leaders have to navigate these complex issues carefully or risk being seen as inauthentic. As such, we can work alongside you in the following areas:

  • Polling and insights

  • Positioning advice

  • Purpose-focused risk analysis and issue response

  • Event content curation advice