Marc Simpson

Partner - Creative and Digital

Marc Simpson started his first business aged just 11 and grew it to six figures before he turned 18.

Marc’s prowess for business development, digital marketing strategy and obsessively analytical, metric-driven approach have made his consultancy and advice incredibly sought after. His list of clients range from small tech start-ups to multinational pharmaceutical giants.

With a wealth of experience on freelance projects, consultancy and his own start-ups, Marc co-founded The New London Agency to leverage those skills, using his uncanny ability to learn, create and advance industry best practices to deliver game-changing results for his clients.

When he isn’t split-testing the latest research in digital marketing, growth hacking his own businesses, or teaching entrepreneurship at London’s top universities, Marc is a ministerially appointed member of the Independent Monitoring Board, advising the Ministry of Justice on the status of human rights of prisoners in the UK.