Election Campaigns

We work with purpose-driven organisations and individuals committed to progressive social change during political campaigns. Our services are outlined below.

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 Polling and Focus Groups


We help you to understand public opinion through the use of polling, focus groups and in-depth interviewing. We then work with you to use that insight to inform your campaign strategy.


Argument Development


To win, your campaign needs a clear and persuasive argument about why your candidacy or bid will make a positive difference for society. We use research and data to help you craft and frame the arguments to help you achieve that objective. 


Speech Preparation and Debate Strategy


We can help you to land your arguments and defend them during media interviews, hustings, election debates or bid presentations. We use intensive 1-1 sessions with a world debating champion to help political candidates and campaign spokespeople speak with purpose. We also work with you to craft critical speeches.


Digital Strategy and Content Creation


We help you reach and persuade your audiences online using compelling content that drives your argument across multiple digital channels.