Andrew Fitch
Partner - Education & Initiative Design

Andrew has extensive global experience helping Millennials to express views on social issues such as climate change, migration, social justice, education and multiculturalism. He has also designed, launched and managed various social impact initiatives for organisations across the world. This includes working with international education providers such as GEMS and Ramco Systems to develop curricula specifically designed to cater to the changing needs of a modern, digitally savvy, and more diverse cohort of young students. He also helped to set up India’s first school debate programme in Chennai.

Andrew is also a world-leading speech and debate coach. He has worked with individuals and corporates developing a range of communication-related skills in fifteen countries. Within the education sector, Andrew has worked with over 100 universities and schools to train both students in how to speak and debate effectively, as well as with teachers on how to deliver these skills. Andrew’s experience as a debate coach led him to be chosen to coach the England National Schools’ Debate team which went on to win the World Championships.

Andrew is a key proponent of diversity; working with a range of non-profits to change the profile of debating to from one dominated by elites to one that can open doors to social mobility. In this vein he worked with non-profit the English-Speaking Union and corporate partners Coca-Cola and Tesco to set up and deliver the London Debate Challenge which offered training on oracy and debate skills to every comprehensive secondary school in all thirty two London boroughs over the course of three years.

Andrew is a qualified teacher with fifteen years of experience. He studied English at Monash University in Australia, going on to get a Masters degree in post-colonial feminism from the same institution.